Ticket Policies

Re-entry policy

Once a ticket has torn and submitted to the ticket taker for entry into the Pontchartrain Center, exiting and then re-entering is not allowed.

Children’s Ticket Policy

Please refer to the event information page for that specific event.

Duplicate Tickets

Patrons with illegally duplicated tickets will not be allowed to enter the Pontchartrain Center.

Lost/Destroyed/Damaged Tickets

If proof of purchase can be obtained, then the ticket can be reissued on the night of the event only with proper ID.

Refund Policy

No refunds or exchanges will be made unless there was a change to the date or time of the show. All refunds are done at point of purchase.

Ticket Reselling

The resale or attempted resale of tickets on Pontchartrain Center property is prohibited by law.
Violators will be removed from the premises and subject to arrest and prosecution as appropriate.